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Bourbon Steak, A Michael Mina Restaurant

#2 restaurant in Orange County!

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Break Through to Mindful Living

Derived from the ancient Buddhist practice, Vipassana, Mindful Mediation is a powerful, research-based practice designed to cultivate personal awareness and provide lasting emotional benefits.
Uniquely different, mindfulness is not directed at changing who you are. Rather, mindful meditation creates an opportunity to become more aware of inner and outer experiences.
Trying to escape discomfort and pain only perpetuates the suffering, albeit unintentionally. A non-judgmental, inviting approach to becoming aware can help us regain control of our lives, live more fully, and promote the development of stability.
This is true of pleasant experiences, too. When we worry about losing our moments of happiness, we end up struggling with staying happy in the present. Mindfulness meditation is designed to free yourself from negative thoughts and break through to a new approach to living.

Mindful at the Beach
A coastal environment is a wonderful place to practice Mindful Meditation Exercises. The sound of the waves, the smell of salty air, and the feel of cool sand on your feet: the beach can have a profound effect on our sensory cues. By bringing attention to hearing, smelling, seeing, taste, and touch, we become attentively aware of moment-to-moment experiences.
Mindful Meditation at Monarch
With Blue Mindfulness Meditation, you connect with the cleansing, energizing, and limitless power of an ocean environment. Discover the unique opportunity to become more aware of who you are. Engaged in the present moment, you develop the ability to disentangle yourself from emotional blocks, mental distractions, and cognitive chaos.
Floating Meditation combines the soothing benefits of a seaside environment with induced meditation. While you float weightlessly in a silk hammock, the gentle vibrations of crystal bowls help settle your active mind.

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