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Miraval Retreat Weekends

Retreat Weekends feature additional themed classes and experiences that can be paired with treatments and existing activities for a full retreat experience. $150 gives you access to 5 exclusive Miraval Retreat programs, unlimited Signature Miraval Classes, 20% off Spa Services and a Miraval Essentials Swag Bag. Overnight packages available call 855.368.2940 to reserve.
Miraval Mindful Women Retreat Weekend | Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st
Cocktails in the Café
Friday September 29th | 5:00pm
Join the Chef as he creates a seasonally inspired cocktail and appetizer live in our Spa Café.
Gratitude Love & Inspiration
Friday September 29th | 6:00pm
Let the adventures you have when you are asleep guide your waking life. Dream Expert Anna-Karin Bjorklund will teach you how to use your dreams to inspire a fuller life.
Scent Journey
Saturday September 30th | 9:00am
Aromatherapist Mikki Anderson introduces you to the fundamentals of Aromatherapy before you create your own intention based fragrance.
Back to the Basics: Whole Foods
Saturday September 30th | 2:30pm
In a time where we have the greatest access to food, why is deciding what to eat so complicated? Join Registered Dietician Amanda Barros as she goes back to the basics and highlight the importance of eating whole foods. This workshop will provide you the blueprint on how to stock your kitchen with real ingredients to safeguard your overall health. You’ll learn how to fill your plate with quality sources of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates the whole family will love. 
Shakti Yoga: Cultivating the Feminine
Sunday October 1st | 12:00pm
Miraval Yoga Instructor Laura Lutz guides you through a yoga practice inspired by Shakti, the divine mother of Hinduism.
Discover You Miraval Retreat Weekend | Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th
Cocktails in the Café
Friday November 3rd | 5:00pm
Join the Chef as he creates a seasonally inspired cocktail and appetizer live in our Spa Café.
Timeless Wisdom for your Modern Life
Friday November 3rd | 6:00pm
Intuition is a natural ability we all possess but may not understand how best to utilize. Discover your psychic powers and bolster your intuition with psychic medium Marilyn Matthews.  Marilyn will help you tune into your Spirit guides and loved ones to affect changes and enhance your life. Tapping into advice from our guides can be a simple process of meditation, listening and observing signs from the other side. Come and enjoy an enlightening opportunity to explore mediumship and to receive psychic messages.
Meditative Painting
Saturday November 4th | 9:00am
Let sound and color be your guide in this expressive meditative painting session. No experience or skill is required.
Dream Guidance
Saturday November 4th | 2:30pm
Dream Expert Anna-Karin Bjorklund shows you how our dreams can shape our lives when we are awake with this intro to dream interpretation and dream circle.
Chakra Discovery
Sunday November 5th | 12:00pm
Connect with your seven energy centers in this Chakra introduction and sound bath meditation. Learn which of your chakras are thriving and how to tap into that energy.


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